What is GamFam?

 GamFam is a registered charity (1191139) set up by those who have experienced first-hand the devastating effects that gambling can have on family and friends.

Gambling is now recognised as a mental health disorder. It can change your loved one into someone who becomes withdrawn, deceitful, even abusive. It can shatter relationships and destroy families.

GamFam offer support through GRA5P – The GamFam Recovery and Support Programme.  GRA5P is a structured 5-stage self-help peer support programme, which was designed originally to support those affected by someone else’s gambling.  However, more recently and out of increasing demand, GamFam have now developed a programme to support those directly in recovery too.

So if you need help in gaining a better understanding, and would like to talk with others who relate to your situation please contact us to find out how we can support you on the start towards your own recovery.

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#We Are the Evidence Too

The GamFam Recovery and Support Programme (GRA5P) is a self-help group designed specifically for families of the disordered gambler (or, as we say, the family member). It delivers a strong support network so affected others can understand the full extent of the problem and talk with those who can relate to their situation. It offers guidance on how families can help themselves, which in turn will help the family member, as well as practical suggestions for coping day-by-day and moving towards a more positive future.

As a family, we had no-one to talk to. We had no idea where to go for support, nor that a gambling addiction was in fact, a recognised mental disorder. Things could have been so different for our family, ‘if only we knew then, what we know now’. It is with this ‘lived experience’ we hope that your family will also be able to start recovering from the effects of a gambling disorder.  

Each group is hosted by a trained Facilitator and usually has between 6 to 10 members. Groups run on Zoom with the option of further 1 to 1 peer support if required. There is also the opportunity to speak with a trained counsellor should the member need additional support beyond the main group. 

Gambling disorder

Our Aims and Objectives

GamFam is a registered charity (1191139) and it’s objects are for the public benefit; the preservation and protection of good mental health and the relief of need among people who have developed or who are at risk of developing a gambling addiction, their parents, families and friends by:

Raising public awareness and understanding of the early warning signs commonly associated with the development of a gambling disorder to promote early intervention and minimise and related potential harms
Providing advice and support in particular but not exclusively to the parents, family and friends of teenagers and young people at risk of a gambling disorder
Assisting and supporting individuals who may be at risk of a gambling disorder
Raising general awareness amongst the public of the issue of gambling disorder

Carolyn Harris MP

Trustee for GamFam and Chair of the APPG for Gambling Related Harm

I have recently given my support to GamFam, a new gambling charity set up by the parents of a recovering compulsive gambler to offer support and advice to other families facing the same situation.

Knowing first hand, the signs to look out for and the avenues of help that are available makes GamFam such a unique and valuable source for other parents facing the overwhelming fear and confusion that comes with having a child gripped by addiction.

Addiction can change a person into someone who becomes withdrawn, deceitful or abusive. It can shatter relationships and destroy families. GamFam aims to offer much needed support and to signpost families to the help they desperately need.

It is wonderful to see people using their own difficult experiences in a positive way and I am so proud to be a part of it.

Caroyln Harris: Member of Parliament for Swansea East and Shadow Minister (Home Office & Women and Equalities)
Carolyn Harris MP

Contact Us

If you need help in gaining a better understanding and would like to talk to someone who can relate to your situation please contact us.  
Please do get in touch as it could be the start towards your own recovery.